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Ask me about how I transitioned out of the school system in the middle of a pandemic! 

P.S. I was promoted within 3 months with this private industry company

I transitioned within months... in the midst of a pandemic!

What set me up for success 

  • 2nd year teacher rockstar

    I transitioned within a 5 month period from being a teacher in the school system to a private industry company. I sought out coaching from the best of the best. I implemented their advice with fidelity, and this guidance lead me to grow exponentially within this private industry company.

  • Why is Jacquelyn here again?

    I want your job search to be successful—without costing you an arm and a leg. When it comes to acquiring excellent job search techniques and locating your career match outside of the educational system, I want you to be as successful as I was.

  • Why I can help you

    Who better to assist a teacher like you in making the transition out of the educational system than a teacher who not only talked the talk but also did the walk? I can assist you in leaving the educational system and transition into a more rewarding career. You can continue to positively impact young lives, if that is something you would like, plus make a great living. I have both the knowledge and the practical expertise to do it.

An Imperative Email I Sent

May 2020 wasn't all that long ago. I thought that at the time my teacher skills were non transferable across fields of employment. I thought I would have to go back to flipping burgers to make a living and I'm so glad that that wasn't the case for me.

I went through my email, and found this email sent to the coach I used, who I still consider them to be the best of the best. This was written in July 2020:

"I didn’t want to feel like I was drowning in the schools and that I SHOULD be doing it for the kids.. disregarding the impact on me…”

Let me start this off by saying I am so glad to have met Shelly. It was a blessing for me to have met Shelly when I did. I dare say there was some divine intervention going on in my favor.

My school was causing me unnecessary stress and my work-life balance was becoming out of whack.

I felt stuck financially because I just paid off the debt associated with receiving my degree. I was starting to feel like I wasted time getting a degree that couldn’t be used in different work settings.

It was feeling like a never-ending cycle of “Get this endorsement; get this master’s degree…” to stay relevant, to be an “at least okay teacher” and I hadn’t been out of the university for very long.

I didn’t want to feel like I was drowning in school all the time and I should be doing it “for the kids.” Disregarding the impact this mindset of “I need to be working all the time to be better for my students or else I’m not good enough” could have on my personal life. It wasn’t a long term solution for me.

Shelly has opened doors I didn’t know existed for my individual case. My skills are indeed transferable and there were companies, individuals that valued and respected what I could do to better their business.

I didn’t have to go back to working minimum wage to gain a second bachelors to be relevant in the workplace.

Shelly does wonderful work with helping teachers who want to make a more global impact on students’ lives while transitioning out of the school system… and not have to go back to making 10-12 dollars an hour.

I have Shelly to thank for opening my eyes to these newfound options."

Ladies and gentleman, this is the beginning of my why.

I am a member of a fantastic network of education transition specialists. Please visit the link provided below!

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