Answering Your How, Who, What, and Why Questions about The Career Transition Crew

Are you a educator considering a change of career but unclear of your options of WHERE you can go or WHAT you can do with your education degree?

After a long day at work, perhaps you lack the time and energy to carry out a quality job search? 

Maybe you've also heard of these fantastic job openings and consultancy positions, so you wonder why YOU can't locate them?

It can be frustrating, confusing and exhausting, am I right?

As a member of the Career Transition Crew, 

I do the work for you by sending incredible career and consulting opportunities directly into your email inbox.

This covers open positions that are frequently kept off the public radar.

As a former teacher who made a smooth transition to my ideal profession and who has aided other educators, 

I am aware of the best places to look for consulting and job opportunities that are a fabulous fit for us.

I perform the physically taxing work for you, devoting the required time and effort to unearth those ideal dream roles and quality job leads for teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators
looking to change careers. 

I also provide incredible job vacancy leads for educators wanting to earn supplemental income or work part-time.


Why Join the Career Transition Crew?

 Let's give you the lowdown. Let's not sugarcoat anything.

Save Time As An Educator

 We do the searching for you and provide the jobs that AREN'T on those popular job search engines (popular job search engines only show you 30-40 percent of the jobs AVAILABLE at any given moment). We want you to be focusing on applying for the job. We don't want you searching for HOURS to only get ONE position and feeling like pulling your hair out the whole time.  

Uncover the "Hidden" Job Market

Did you know that 60-70 percent of the jobs available are considered HIDDEN (and not on those popular job search engines that we know and love -wink,wink-). We provide these HIDDEN jobs for you so once you have your resume ready to go, you can apply with ease.


We save you time, and therefore money, as we hand these job opportunities to you on a silver platter weekly.  

Why Become Apart of Tier 1 of The Career Transition Crew?

Let's go over the differences between Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Career Transition Crew. Hang tight. When you become apart of the Career Transition Crew, you get the following benefit as a Tier 1 member:

  • Benefit A: Job Openings Within Education, But Not in the Schools

    Weekly job opening alerts plus consulting gig alerts delivered to your email inbox

  • Benefit B: Exclusive email access to our support team

    Now who doesn't need that on occasion?

Why Become a Tier 2 Career Transition Crew Member?

You get all the benefits that a Tier 1 Career Transition Crew Member would, plus the following benefits listed below:

  • VIP Discounts

    • 10 percent off discount on ALL live events and webinars
  • VIP Invitations to...

    • Career Transition Events
    • Entrepreneur Events

Cancel At Any Point:

As a heads up, we do need a minimum of 5 days notice prior to the next month's billing date to avoid a monthly charge. SECURE SOLID payment processing via PayPal is provided for your convience (no PayPal account required). 

Affordable Pricing for All Educators

  • Career Transition Crew Tier 1

    10 dollars the first month, 15 dollars a month afterward. Cancel Anytime!
  • Career Transition Crew Tier 2

    15 dollars the first month . 25 dollars per month. Cancel Anytime.

Want To Join?

That's Awesome! Welcome to the Career Transition Crew! 

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