Wait, There Are Optimal MONTHS To Apply To A Job Outside Of The School System?

published on 22 December 2022

Believe it or not,

Optimal times to apply for jobs outside of the school system do exist for educators.

Optimal months exist.

Optimal days exist.

I didn’t know this when I first started transitioning out of the school system.

I would be applying on weekends and evenings, getting nothing, and going nowhere.

Sound familiar?

I would also be spending my summers applying for different positions, circling around in vain.

Is that you too?

Why is this the case?

Why can’t we all  land a job outside of the school system?

Let’s dive into why that might be the case.

Let’s start at the beginning of the year: January.

Best times of the year to apply thumbnail-nhh2w


Seems like a very good place to start.

January can be a great month, specifically around the third week. The reason being is most people are coming back from the holidays by the end of that second week, companies get their hiring backlogs cleaned out that they did not do during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new hiring budgets have been placed which gives hiring managers more opportunities to hire.

This includes educators.

February is a wonderful month as well. Once the motions are put into place in January, hiring takes up quickly, lots of screener interviews are conducted, and even second rounds of interviews are happening. This is the season when the greatest number of decision-makers in the interview process are united online or in person in an office. This means it’s possible to get to a “yes” much quicker and to jump into that new job outside of the classroom.

March, April, May:

March April May hiring video thumbnail-78qvd

These months are still wonderful months to apply for jobs in the education sector, so let’s jump into why.

The momentum built up in January and February steadies until the beginning of June. Competition goes up, but it’s still the time to apply on the right days and times and interview your way to success (and out of the school system). This is the peak time to apply outside of the school system, while most educators may start applying in June. Educators aren’t going to be as successful as this is when most companies love to start training their new employees. Just use the months of March, April, and May wisely to avoid the hair pulling, the crying, and stress eating with the job searching process.

Companies experience more of a time crunch to hire someone and to finish the interview process so they can train late May and into the summer. Companies understand this as it becomes increasingly harder to hire before their employees go on vacations in the summertime. This can work in an educator’s favor, but don’t be totally shocked if a hiring manager says, “Let’s finish this process up as soon as person 1, 2, and 3 come back from vacation.”

June, July, August:

June July August Hiring thumbnail-s37y8

The Worst.

Point Blank Period.

I recommend based on personal experience, to wait to apply for jobs in September.


This is when companies are training their new employees to be ready for the upcoming school year that starts in August/ September.

This is when many individuals go on vacation, causing delays for educators searching during the summer.

This doesn’t mean the jobs aren’t there to be had; it’s just unrealistic to expect an interview on a Monday, and a job offer within a week.

Educators are better off to wait. It is harder to get a hiring team together to conduct interviews, make hiring decisions, and it will save a few grey hairs on a few educators’ hairs.

September, October:

September and October, even going into the first week or two into November can rival the hiring rates that happen in January February in the education sector.


More interviews happen, everybody is coming back for their summer vacations.

Less downtime.

Less waiting.

The process of hiring people is smooth once again; the job hunt can start and finish faster than in June.

November, December:

Ho HO No.
Ho HO No.

Ho Ho No.

Hiring comes to a halt, and sometimes to a complete stop.

Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas junk food slows down people in the hiring department, just like in any other place at work.

HR department members and managers go on vacations.

Fellow educators, it’s better to wait until January when the new hiring budget goes into effect, most members are back from the holidays, and that New Year momentum is in effect.

With that being said,

If you didn't land your dream job this summer and had to return to the school system, to a job that is no longer the right fit.

Or perhaps,

Maybe you were a little scared to take the leap and now regret it.

It could also be…

You decided to give it one more year.


It's okay!

The decision to stay or to go in the profession ultimately comes down to you. Your decision should be honored and respected.

Whatever you decide, know that there’s a support system here for you, and we’ll get through this together.



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